Will the Stamp Duty Cut actually Help First Time Buyers?

The property market is a fickle industry, often left to speculation and trial and error. It’s a well-known problem in the UK that property prices are too high and first-time buyers are pushed out. The Stamp Duty tax has been blamed for the housing market slow-down but Chancellor Phillip Hammond, as part of his measures […]

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Is the Stamp Duty Rise Affecting Property Prices?

We have heard a lot about the stamp duty changes that took place on April 1, 2016 but now that it has been over a year since they were put in place we can start to see the effects of the changes. So, what exactly are the changes and who has been most affected by […]

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Buyers are Unwilling to Pay Overpriced House Prices

In a property market like the U.K. where demand frequently soars higher than supply, it’s assumed to be a seller’s market, however, recent data is showing that buyers might be taking control. We previously reported that sellers were being too optimistic with the price they advertise their home for, it now appears that buyers are […]

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Tough Climate for New House Buyers

The Redfern Review showed that the amount of young people owning a home has decreased by more than 20% in the last decade and they’re calling for a long-term approach to housing issues. The independent Redfern Review recently revealed that anybody born after 1985 has become a generation of renters as the extraordinarily high housing […]

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Is Now the Right Time to Buy a House in the UK

At Direct House Buyer we have previously discussed how the uncertainty of the Brexit vote caused a slump in house prices and furthermore the actual result caused a massive blip in property sales and of course a massive fall in the value of our pound. The question of whether or not it’s the right time […]

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Who’s Actually Buying Property at the Moment?

The UK Property market has made a few surprising U-turns since we came out of an official recession in 2011 and since then sentiment has been ever changing, it seems that last year had a more positive outlook to what has become apparent this year. Not only have predictions changed but the face of UK […]

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First time House Buyers Finding it Impossible to Buy

In the competitive UK housing market there are often people who find the housing ladder far easier than others. First time buyers in the UK continue to be one of the hardest hit demographics and this has been proven as home sales continue to decline for buyers who are unable to get on the housing […]

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Highest amount of House Buyers in Over 10 Years

The housing market is more of the same across the United Kingdom. Rising house prices, inadequate demand and first-time house buyers are being pushed down the housing ladder. Two years ago the UK had a competitive market. There were 5 house buyers chasing every property and there were more than 250 people registered at each […]

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House Prices to End the Year Higher than Predicted

The low mortgage rates, the government’s help to buy scheme and a strong job market has increased the demand from buyers, but the number of available homes on the market also remains at its lowest in recent months. The result? UK house prices ending the year 6% higher than they started it at, a group […]

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More Transactions Between Buyers and Sellers

Once again nationwide have released their monthly figures and once again these are showing positive growth in the UK housing Market. A spokesman for Nationwide has said that a good climate for House Buyers has fuelled demand which in turn has proven to allow sellers to command more for the sale of their property. The […]

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