How to Sell Your House Fast Before Contacting Us

When it comes to selling a house, there are many different things a seller needs to consider. Starting from what estate agent to use? What selling fee should I agree? Should I go for an exclusive relationship with my estate agent or use multiple agents? Etc. Once you’ve got that out the way you’ll probably […]

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House Prices Predicted to Fall in 2018

Property prices rose 1.2% in 2017, a relatively slow increase for the dynamic UK property market, but things are predicted to slow even more in 2018. The market is predicted to grow by 1% in 2018, the slowest growth since 2011. However, the market is not created equal across the UK right now. The London […]

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Will the Stamp Duty Cut actually Help First Time Buyers?

The property market is a fickle industry, often left to speculation and trial and error. It’s a well-known problem in the UK that property prices are too high and first-time buyers are pushed out. The Stamp Duty tax has been blamed for the housing market slow-down but Chancellor Phillip Hammond, as part of his measures […]

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Landlords Now Facing Lower Rental Income

The harsher Buy to Let lending legislation coupled with the new tax rules for landlords has contributed to landlords selling off their portfolio, and subsequently, has had both positive and negative influences on the UK property market. Last March, buy to let properties saw an 80% increase compared to the previous year. This was a […]

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UK is One of the Toughest Places to be a Landlord

New analysis from WorldFirst shows that the UK is ranked one of the least desirable places for landlords to invest when compared to the rest of Europe, dropping ten spots from 15th to 25th in one year. The average yields in the UK for landlords fell from 4.9% to 4% year on year, subsequently, landlords […]

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London House Prices Fall More than the UK Average

UK property prices fell by 1.2% in September but the average numbers are regional more than national. The southern markets have seen the biggest fall in prices and the most surprising might be that London alone fell by 2.9%, or in other numbers, decreased by £18,000 in one month. In February of 2016, London and […]

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Is the Stamp Duty Rise Affecting Property Prices?

We have heard a lot about the stamp duty changes that took place on April 1, 2016 but now that it has been over a year since they were put in place we can start to see the effects of the changes. So, what exactly are the changes and who has been most affected by […]

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UK Faces Property Price Decline and Government Uncertainty

The U.K. is facing government uncertainty with the conservatives hanging onto power via their coalition with the DUP party and many people questioning how much power they really have, this indecisiveness could start affecting our economy. It also seems that times are repeating themselves with the cycle of property price growth starting to decline anf […]

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More House Buyers are Using Cash

One of the primary complaints about the UK housing market is the fact that it has isolated first-time buyers from the market. With prices continuously climbing due to low supply and high demand together with relatively low wages, first-time buyers can’t pay for rent and save enough for a deposit. The broken housing market needed […]

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House Prices Fall in First Quarter of 2017

The steady rise in housing prices in the UK has become part of the norm. However, all things in life are temporary and we are starting to see the housing price trends take a downward turn. Halifax reported a 3.8% increase in property prices from April 2016 to April 2017, making the average price of […]

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