Is Leasing your Property Portfolio to a Company a New Tax Loophole

It’s currently the hottest topic amongst landlords, how to legally re-structure the way your property portfolio is managed before the governments new tax changes for landlords come into effect. The ability for landlords to be able to deduct the cost of their mortgage from their income is coming to an end and many landlords are […]

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Will Landlords Stop Buying Buy to Let Property

Buy to Let property Investors have been able to claim full tax relief on their investments mortgage interest payments up until now, but in the 2015 budget a tax change was announced by George Osborne, which would remove the ability for landlords to deduct their mortgage payment from their rental properties income before calculating their […]

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The Housing Market could be Easier for First Time Buyers in 2017

With house prices surging and incomes stagnant, first-time buyers have been being pushed out of the property market for several years. The typical first-time buyer in the UK is now aged 30. First-time buyers have found it difficult to enter the market following the financial crisis but recent data is showing that this year could […]

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London’s Largest Estate Agent see’s House sales Decline

Has exiting Europe and new higher stamp duty caused a housing decline around the UK? Foxtons, who are London’s most renowned estate agent, have said that the housing market has been significantly affected by the events of last year. This is particularly apparent for the most expensive areas of the London property market. Foxtons has […]

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Highest Average House Price but Growth Rate Slows

The Halifax House Price Index reported that house prices are a record high at £218,002, up £13,448 from January. The 6% annual growth shows that house prices are still increasing, but momentum is slowing. Annual growth has steadily declined by about 1% every other month since its height of 10% growth in March. November has […]

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Will it be Difficult to Sell your House Fast in 2017?

The housing market is one of inherent uncertainty, yet, it buckles down when there is economic or political instability by choosing to remain stagnant. Post-referendum, there has been a decline in a number of sellers entering the housing market. Housing experts such as Savills UK have suggested that the number of homes that will be […]

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Tough Climate for New House Buyers

The Redfern Review showed that the amount of young people owning a home has decreased by more than 20% in the last decade and they’re calling for a long-term approach to housing issues. The independent Redfern Review recently revealed that anybody born after 1985 has become a generation of renters as the extraordinarily high housing […]

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Optimistic House Sellers are Waiting for a Higher Price

When you’re pricing a property that you own, there is always the emotional value and the actual value. While we all like to believe that our house is the best, worth the most and will be easy to sell at a higher price tag, the reality of the market might be a rude awakening for […]

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London Property Market will be Slowest to Recover in the UK

The London housing market has always been seen as a safe-haven for both domestic and local buyers. Despite rising prices and a competitive market, interested buyers still flocked to the UK capital believing in their return-on-investment. London has always been the foundation of the UK property market but since the Brexit-vote, the property picture has been […]

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Chinese Investment could cause an Increase in House Prices

Emotions have been high and housing prices have been low since the Brexit vote and Chinese investors that are emotionally steady and financially sound have found a new investment opportunity in the post-Brexit British housing market. There has always been an interest in the UK property market from international investors looking to buy property in […]

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