London Home Owners are not Rushing to Sell Quickly

When purchasing property, people often think about two things: location and return on investment. It is hard to imagine a location better than London for return on investment, but Rightmove Confirms that the London property market is struggling. Similarly Direct House Buyer has reported that the bubble has probably burst or at least reached its’s […]

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How to Sell Your House Fast Before Contacting Us

When it comes to selling a house, there are many different things a seller needs to consider. Starting from what estate agent to use? What selling fee should I agree? Should I go for an exclusive relationship with my estate agent or use multiple agents? Etc. Once you’ve got that out the way you’ll probably […]

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Where in the UK Can You Achieve the Quickest Sale?

The large town of Northampton, located conveniently between London and Birmingham is revealed as the property markets biggest hotspot with the average sale time being just 27 days, according to Zoopla. With a convenient location and a relatively low median house price at £245,288, Northampton is selling properties 19 days faster than London markets on […]

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Will it be Difficult to Sell your House Fast in 2017?

The housing market is one of inherent uncertainty, yet, it buckles down when there is economic or political instability by choosing to remain stagnant. Post-referendum, there has been a decline in a number of sellers entering the housing market. Housing experts such as Savills UK have suggested that the number of homes that will be […]

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Optimistic House Sellers are Waiting for a Higher Price

When you’re pricing a property that you own, there is always the emotional value and the actual value. While we all like to believe that our house is the best, worth the most and will be easy to sell at a higher price tag, the reality of the market might be a rude awakening for […]

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Options for Selling Your House Fast in Todays Market

In the current climate many people are unsure of whats the best way is to sell their home. Unlike a few years back when the only options where a traditional estate agent or a auction house, there are now many different routes. Whichever route that you choose depends on a number of different factors but […]

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House Sellers are Refusing to Lower their Price

New data shows that there is positive sentiment amongst those who are trying to sell their house. Figures show that there are currently far more house buyers than sellers with the amount of homes for sale on the market at the lowest level ever recorded. House Prices are now Remaining Stable It appears that home […]

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Home Owners Remain Optimistic as Market Slows

The news this week has shown a contrast in opinion between what home owners believe and figures that show the property market is continuing to slow down. Some would say that we need to look at the facts and figures, but what has happened in the past doesn’t necessarily show what will happen in the […]

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Good Time to Sell Your House Fast

If you’ve been waiting to sell your house, this might be the best time to put your “For Sale” signs up because all signs are starting to point to a property market slow down. On Wednesday the Bank of England said that the amount of mortgages approved fell to just over £61,000 during September that’s down from 64,000 […]

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Home Sellers Achieve the Quickest Sale in Cambridge

When discussing the UK-property market, London is the location on the tip of everybody’s tongue but Cambridge has just heated up the conversation.  The university town has beaten all of London’s boroughs for the country’s quickest sale time with an average of 27 days between the property being listed and sold according to Rightmove. Cambridge […]

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