The Housing Market could be Easier for First Time Buyers in 2017

With house prices surging and incomes stagnant, first-time buyers have been being pushed out of the property market for several years. The typical first-time buyer in the UK is now aged 30. First-time buyers have found it difficult to enter the market following the financial crisis but recent data is showing that this year could […]

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London’s Largest Estate Agent see’s House sales Decline

Has exiting Europe and new higher stamp duty caused a housing decline around the UK? Foxtons, who are London’s most renowned estate agent, have said that the housing market has been significantly affected by the events of last year. This is particularly apparent for the most expensive areas of the London property market. Foxtons has […]

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Highest Average House Price but Growth Rate Slows

The Halifax House Price Index reported that house prices are a record high at £218,002, up £13,448 from January. The 6% annual growth shows that house prices are still increasing, but momentum is slowing. Annual growth has steadily declined by about 1% every other month since its height of 10% growth in March. November has […]

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London Property Market will be Slowest to Recover in the UK

The London housing market has always been seen as a safe-haven for both domestic and local buyers. Despite rising prices and a competitive market, interested buyers still flocked to the UK capital believing in their return-on-investment. London has always been the foundation of the UK property market but since the Brexit-vote, the property picture has been […]

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Chinese Investment could cause an Increase in House Prices

Emotions have been high and housing prices have been low since the Brexit vote and Chinese investors that are emotionally steady and financially sound have found a new investment opportunity in the post-Brexit British housing market. There has always been an interest in the UK property market from international investors looking to buy property in […]

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London House Prices will Probably Continue to Fall

On Thursday, June 23, the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union, throwing the global economy into upheaval. Since deciding to leave the EU, there are a lot of questions and ambiguity surrounding the Brexit vote and how it will affect visas, immigration, business, economy, pensions and of course – the traditionally […]

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Cheaper Pound Makes Property Attractive to Foreign Investors

Impulsive actions often lead to underdeveloped plans and ideas. After the Brexit vote, it is easy to understand why both buyers and sellers in the UK might become impulsive to purchase, sell or rethink their investments. Some experts have determined it would be unwise to jump in or out of the UK market until the […]

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What Will Happen to the London Property Market Now?

The tight vote has come to an end and the “leave-vote” took the majority. As the world waits keenly to see what will happen in the next few months, the property market experts have already made their predictions for what is to come with the London Property market now that the UK has voted to […]

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UK Property Market Slows as EU Referendum Looms

As the EU Referendum is approaching us it seems that there is more uncertainty in the UK Property market. Analysts have recently reported a slowdown in property transactions and opinion in those who may have been willing to buy a house. Removal firm Bishops Move recently surveyed 1000 people across the UK and 47% of […]

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2016 Shows Strong Demand from House Buyers

The property market has continued it’s good run from 2015 into the first couple of months of 2016. Many expected a slump in Januarys figures as we typically and historically experience a slight downturn during the winter months. However, it appears that many House Buyers are still actively looking to buy and one estate agent […]

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