More English Landlords are Choosing to Buy Property in Scotland 

The UK Residential Market Survey from March 2018 released by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) revealed that there was a drop in new buyer enquiries and the average selling prices are stagnate. However, numbers don’t always tell the full story. The Scottish market is telling a different narrative than the one being told […]

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House Prices Rise and More Homes are for Sale

Recent reports from Rightmove show that sellers might not be in control of the political uncertainty and economic instability but they are in control of asking prices. This month has seen a rise of 0.8% in February, a modest rise. It is smart selling to keep asking prices realistic when considering the stretched buyer affordability. […]

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Has the London Property Bubble Already Burst?

The beginning of the New Year has showed signs of a cooling market for London’s property, although, this trend is not new. In 2017, the London housing market performed the worst in the UK with property prices dropping by 22,000 in 2017. Rightmove has predicted that the downward trend will continue and has continued in […]

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House Prices Predicted to Fall in 2018

Property prices rose 1.2% in 2017, a relatively slow increase for the dynamic UK property market, but things are predicted to slow even more in 2018. The market is predicted to grow by 1% in 2018, the slowest growth since 2011. However, the market is not created equal across the UK right now. The London […]

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London House Prices Fall More than the UK Average

UK property prices fell by 1.2% in September but the average numbers are regional more than national. The southern markets have seen the biggest fall in prices and the most surprising might be that London alone fell by 2.9%, or in other numbers, decreased by £18,000 in one month. In February of 2016, London and […]

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UK Faces Property Price Decline and Government Uncertainty

The U.K. is facing government uncertainty with the conservatives hanging onto power via their coalition with the DUP party and many people questioning how much power they really have, this indecisiveness could start affecting our economy. It also seems that times are repeating themselves with the cycle of property price growth starting to decline anf […]

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More House Buyers are Using Cash

One of the primary complaints about the UK housing market is the fact that it has isolated first-time buyers from the market. With prices continuously climbing due to low supply and high demand together with relatively low wages, first-time buyers can’t pay for rent and save enough for a deposit. The broken housing market needed […]

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House Prices Fall in First Quarter of 2017

The steady rise in housing prices in the UK has become part of the norm. However, all things in life are temporary and we are starting to see the housing price trends take a downward turn. Halifax reported a 3.8% increase in property prices from April 2016 to April 2017, making the average price of […]

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Is Leasing your Property Portfolio to a Company a New Tax Loophole

It’s currently the hottest topic amongst landlords, how to legally re-structure the way your property portfolio is managed before the governments new tax changes for landlords come into effect. The ability for landlords to be able to deduct the cost of their mortgage from their income is coming to an end and many landlords are […]

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Will Landlords Stop Buying Buy to Let Property

Buy to Let property Investors have been able to claim full tax relief on their investments mortgage interest payments up until now, but in the 2015 budget a tax change was announced by George Osborne, which would remove the ability for landlords to deduct their mortgage payment from their rental properties income before calculating their […]

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