UK Tightens Controls on Overseas Property Investors

Lord Faulks and Lord Hodgson have had their call for a public register that gives transparency to foreign owners answered. Faulks laid down his amendment because there is a widespread problem with foreign companies coming to England, particularly central London and buying up property, and the finances used to buy the property comes from suspicious […]

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Will The Property Market Slow Down due to the Snap Election?

Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a General Election for 8th June. The polls strongly favor that it will be a Tory landslide but recent votes such as the Brexit referendum show us that polls are not always a reflection of the actual results and uncertainty is an enemy to any market – but […]

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Is It The End For Overseas House Buyers?

For many years overseas house buyers have been using property in the United Kingdom as a safe haven for their wealth. In particular prime London property has been targeted as the perfect investment vehicle with 44,000 of approximately 100,000 overseas ownership properties being situated in London. Lets be honest there is no more space left […]

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UK Property Market Slows as EU Referendum Looms

As the EU Referendum is approaching us it seems that there is more uncertainty in the UK Property market. Analysts have recently reported a slowdown in property transactions and opinion in those who may have been willing to buy a house. Removal firm Bishops Move recently surveyed 1000 people across the UK and 47% of […]

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The Government Is Making It Tougher for Landlords

It’s been several months since Chancellor George Osborne announced the summer budget on July 7th but landlords around the country are still left sitting and waiting for more information about the new tax regime to emerge. Landlords with buy-to-let properties have felt that the summer budget is an unjust attack on their business and potential […]

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UK Landlords to provide Housing for Refugees

Citizens UK is calling on UK landlords to join the effort to help relocate and resettle Syrian refugees. Over the past year the group has been pleading with some local authorities to resettle just 50 refugees but with the migration crisis at the foot o Europe and heading west, they suggest that around 10,000 private […]

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George Osborne Cuts Tax Allowance for Landlords

In today’s budget George Osborne has cut the tax relief that landlords have benefited from for many years. Up until now landlords have been able to offset the amount they pay in Interest on their buy to let mortgages against their income tax bill. Meaning that many landlords have had to pay hardly any tax […]

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Why the Election is Stopping You from Selling your Home Quickly

The UK property market has come to a standstill and many people are blaming the uncertainty of the up and coming election as the reason to why home owners are currently unable to sell their home quickly. The two main parties both have a very different economic stance and many believe that the property market […]

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