Chinese to Buy Large UK Property Portfolio

Britain’s biggest Buy-to-Let landlords and property mavericks, Fergus and Judith Wilson are ready to retire from their property business and start selling off their portfolio of nearly 1000 homes in in the Ashford and Maidstone area. With more than 900 homes valued between £275,000 and £300,000, the duo are expected to net at least £100m […]

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Homebuyers are Starting to Slow

The latest figures show that borrowers appetite for home loans has decreased by 5% from 19.7bn to 18.6bn in August. The seasonally-adjusted figure had been flat since the beginning of the year and experts believe this is leading to a property market plateau. The market gradual slow down comes despite gross mortgage lending is 13% […]

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Why Sell Your House to Direct House Buyer

The advantages to being able to sell your house with us are numerous. We are able to offer tailored solutions when you need cash for a house, for whatever reason and whatever the state of your property. When you use our company as house buyers there are no fees to payout and providing both parties […]

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New Mortgage Rules Make it Tougher for House Sellers

The 2013 property market saw it’s greatest improvement since the economic crisis. There were more buyers, more sellers and the positive numbers were expected to continue into 2014 but the new mortgage rules have some experts concerned. On April 26th new rules for potential home loan borrowers were implemented. These changes follow the Mortgage Market […]

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Who is Buying Your Property?

The property market has had a lot of coverage in the news this week. It’s a fact that property prices have been rising at a rapid rate and there is much speculation that they will continue to do so. Analysts are predicting a average yearly price rise of 6% per annum and the surprising figure […]

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What are the Different Costs of Selling your House

We thought it would be helpful to write an article about the different costs involved when trying to sell your home. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find this information summarised in a simple form on the internet so in as few a words as possible the below article will discuss the different options and their […]

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What Country’s are Helping Home Owners to Sell Their House?

In the US, recent government intervention and green shoots have added confidence to the housing market so things should be on a slow and steady up rise now. The US government have been smart with getting the house market moving again. Unlike the Brits they realised that the number one thing that was holding the […]

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Government Allow you to Borrow up to 95% of Your Homes Value

To be fair there are probably a number of different factors that are stopping you from being able to sell your home. Of course it’s obvious to say that the general state of the economic climate isn’t doing anyone any favours but why? and what do we need to improve? A lack of Buyers causes […]

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Selling at Auction Vs a Internet House Buyer

In the current housing climate many property sellers are deciding to consider alternative methods when it comes to selling their property. Using a traditional estate agent is the most obvious route, however it is tricky to sell at the moment and many are unaware that there are quite a few different options available. Each different […]

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Buying at Auction Compared to Buying a New House

Buying at auction A wide range of properties come up at auction, from repossessions to damaged buildings to entire blocks of flats. It’s a good way of getting a quick sale without the chain and it’s not just for property developers, everyone is welcome at auctions today as long as they have cash in hand. […]

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