Higher Inflation has Caused House Prices to Decline

For the first time since the Brexit vote, house prices continue to deflate for a second month in a row as property prices dropped by 0.6% in January, after a 0.8% drop in December. However, year on year prices are still up in 2018 with the average price at £223,285, 1.9% higher than January 2017’s […]

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Landlords Now Facing Lower Rental Income

The harsher Buy to Let lending legislation coupled with the new tax rules for landlords has contributed to landlords selling off their portfolio, and subsequently, has had both positive and negative influences on the UK property market. Last March, buy to let properties saw an 80% increase compared to the previous year. This was a […]

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UK is One of the Toughest Places to be a Landlord

New analysis from WorldFirst shows that the UK is ranked one of the least desirable places for landlords to invest when compared to the rest of Europe, dropping ten spots from 15th to 25th in one year. The average yields in the UK for landlords fell from 4.9% to 4% year on year, subsequently, landlords […]

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London House Prices will Probably Continue to Fall

On Thursday, June 23, the people of the UK voted to leave the European Union, throwing the global economy into upheaval. Since deciding to leave the EU, there are a lot of questions and ambiguity surrounding the Brexit vote and how it will affect visas, immigration, business, economy, pensions and of course – the traditionally […]

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Existing House Buyers Try to Re-negotiate as the UK Leaves the EU

In an already volatile market, the Brexit vote marks more uncertainty for the UK housing market. Sales around the UK were already down compared to last year and after the Brexit vote to leave the EU, it is reported that sales could decline up to 5-20% as once-eager buyers now put their housing-market purchases on […]

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What Will Happen to the London Property Market Now?

The tight vote has come to an end and the “leave-vote” took the majority. As the world waits keenly to see what will happen in the next few months, the property market experts have already made their predictions for what is to come with the London Property market now that the UK has voted to […]

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First Time House Buyers are Doing the Best

Recent reports of a slowing property market across the UK are continuing to come out in the press. There is however evidence that first time buyers are helping to support a lull in the market by being able to buy houses far quicker and are creating faster transaction conditions amongst the first time buyer sector. […]

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More Evidence of a Slower House Market

The UK is still experiencing a property market slowdown with stagnation in many areas and even some evidence showing that house prices have now fallen in key locations. Even though values have risen since last year it has now been reported that average prices are now lower this month than last. This may just be […]

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Osborne Says the UK Economy is Predicted to Grow

George Osborne has recently declared “Britain is coming back” when he saw the official numbers of 2014 that have shown that the UK’s economy is growing at it’s fastest rate in more than 7-long years. Osborne’s enthusiasm is justified as Britain is finally in an arms reach of its pre-recession size. The gross domestic product […]

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Who is Buying Your Property?

The property market has had a lot of coverage in the news this week. It’s a fact that property prices have been rising at a rapid rate and there is much speculation that they will continue to do so. Analysts are predicting a average yearly price rise of 6% per annum and the surprising figure […]

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