More Transactions Between Buyers and Sellers

Once again nationwide have released their monthly figures and once again these are showing positive growth in the UK housing Market. A spokesman for Nationwide has said that a good climate for House Buyers has fuelled demand which in turn has proven to allow sellers to command more for the sale of their property. The […]

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Home Buyers are Facing Stricter Mortgage Checks

There has been a lot of recent news about how the property market has become stagnant since the beginning of the year. Prices haven’t particularly fallen but at the same time we haven’t experienced the same type of growth within the market that we have seen since the recession ended a couple of years ago. […]

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First Time House Buyers are Doing the Best

Recent reports of a slowing property market across the UK are continuing to come out in the press. There is however evidence that first time buyers are helping to support a lull in the market by being able to buy houses far quicker and are creating faster transaction conditions amongst the first time buyer sector. […]

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More Evidence of a Slower House Market

The UK is still experiencing a property market slowdown with stagnation in many areas and even some evidence showing that house prices have now fallen in key locations. Even though values have risen since last year it has now been reported that average prices are now lower this month than last. This may just be […]

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Easier for First Time Buyers to get a Property

New figures this week show that mortgage lending for first time buyers achieved a 7 year high during 2014. What’s interesting is that historically it has always been tougher for first time buyers to get their first property when compared to those who already own a house but these new figures show that for the first […]

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More New Build Homes Reserved for Local Buyers

The UK property market is volatile and downright competitive. It is not an easy task finding the right property at the right price and when you consider the fact you’re competing with buy-to-let landlords, immigrants and foreign investors, the steps on the property ladder grow further apart. But under Labour party leader Ed Miliband’s housing […]

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UK House Prices Are More Expensive Than Ever

UK house prices are up 11.7% year on year and have reached a new record high of £272,000, according to official report from the Office of National Statistics. Several UK regions, including East Midlands, West Midlands and South West saw all-time high property price rises in the month of July. These regions have joined London […]

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Homebuyers are Starting to Slow

The latest figures show that borrowers appetite for home loans has decreased by 5% from 19.7bn to 18.6bn in August. The seasonally-adjusted figure had been flat since the beginning of the year and experts believe this is leading to a property market plateau. The market gradual slow down comes despite gross mortgage lending is 13% […]

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Property Investors Make it Tough for Normal Homebuyers

Buy-to-Let has always been one the UK’s property market success stories but at a meeting of the Treasury select committee on the 15th July, MP’s expressed their concern that Buy-to-Let is becoming part of the problem. According to numbers published by the Council of Mortgage Lenders, there were more than 16,000 buy-to-let loans approved in […]

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First Time House Buyers are Paying More

The May lending figures are in and they give us our first glimpse into the effects of the Mortgage Market Review. The figures suggest that the impact is subtle and despite predications that the stricter regulations would prevent first time house buyers from climbing on the housing ladder, first time buyers are still making up […]

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